Warm is the collaboration between longtime friends and surfing buddies Tracy Feith & husband & wife team, Winnie Beattie and Rob Magnotta. They have a shared love of women — whose style is beautifully imperfect and natural-yet effortlessly and consistently chic. The warm girl is always on the go; bustling around a big city one day in her warm dress and stilettos, and roaming a small beach town the next in her same dress with worn out vans or flip flops.

These pieces are to be worn living, loving, exploring, roaming and constantly. Their ease and comfort means they can be tossed over a wet bikini as easily as paired with the fanciest accessories for a formal party. We love urban gypsies whose dream city would be if the Marais was in Malibu. American Vogue declared that warm’s dresses will be “catnip on the sales floor.”

East Coast
Jessica DeLena
West Coast
Heather Slade
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