360 represents the number of degrees in a circle. a circle is the most perfect shape found in nature. a circle has no beginning and no end. look into the nighttime sky and all you will see is circular objects. look at the left finger of a person who has bound their life to a partner and you will see the wedding ring – a perfect circle.

creative director, leslie gifford has come “full circle” with a sophisticated collection of knitwear and accessories sold to the finest specialty and department stores worldwide.

combining california contemporary with new york sophistication she has created a sweater line which is sure to make a major statement in your wardrobe. focusing primarily on cashmere, the collection also features other fine yarns such as angora, wool cashmere, silk cashmere, and linen in various gauges and weights.

east coast: daria archer daria@360sweater.com

west coast: heather slade heather@360sweater.com