Clare V

founded by Clare Vivier, Clare V. is a handbag and accessories brand based in los angeles. over the past 10 years, the brand has grown to include 7 retail stores nationwide, a global presence, and industry recognition for founder-driven authenticity and an insightful take on accessible luxury. known for classic style that’s unexpected, with hints of both california cool and parisian charm, the brand gives back both to the local community, where it’s been made since 2008, and to various causes and organizations, like every mother counts, planned parenthood, and everytown for gun safety, through product partnerships and activations.

after noticing a lack of functional yet stylish laptop cases while working as a journalist for french tv, Clare Vivier decided to create her own line of handbags and accessories in 2008. over time, clare’s been able to cultivate an identifiable aesthetic that’s all her own and has been recognized worldwide by influencers, tastemakers, celebrities and bloggers, who support and wear the line. clare’s strong connection to france, where she spends a significant amount of time each year with her french husband and son, remains at the core of the brand, with signature elements visible within every collection. in 2014, clare was recognized for her contributions to design as a member of the council of fashion designers of america (cfda), an organization with which she now works closely. 2018 marked the tenth year for the brand with 7 retail stores and hundreds of stockists both in the us and abroad.

east coast: emily mershon

west coast: esther kim