fascinated by vintage fabrics, laurence maheo began creating unique pieces in 2005, manufacturing exclusively from her parisian studio. autodidact, laurence produced her pieces alone and decided to create LA PRESTIC OUISTON, named after her two childhood dolls. she rapidly earned recognition among an international clientele seduced by luxurious craftsmanship.

in 2009, two consecutive exhibitions devoted to her work were presented at le bon marché in paris.

in 2010, the brand expanded and launched its first high-end ready-to-wear collection. made in france, it was exclusively created from treasured, entirely natural fabrics: silk, cashmere, wool and hemp. the collections that have followed maintain the same high standards. created in limited series, they have combined ancient materials and handmade craftsmanship.

LA PRESTIC OUISTON offers a shift in fashion design: sharp classic cuts with a quirky touch. marrying rich fabrics with masculinity, the brand has created a unique image of both casual and ironic luxury, where erotic prints on silk twill mix with raw canvas fisherman trousers.

since 2011, for each collection, laurence maheo has developed various exclusive prints in silk twill, her preferred fabric. most of the prints are the results of collaborations with artists, such as laurence kiberlain, paulette zoute and macon&lesquoy.

laurence maheo collaborates with various artists in a peculiar universe where rarity and authenticity are the keywords to a free and very new style.

the french elle chose LA PRESTIC OUISTON and laurence maheo, to represent france for the elle fashion now – worldwide contest about the new fashion designers generation.

the lvmh luxury e-shop 24 sevres chose LA PRESTIC OUISTON to be part of this adventure.

laurence maheo continues crafting unique pieces made to order, they are now sold worldwide.

an unclassifiable, highly qualitative french brand with a strong offer that constantly amazes.


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