Marie Lichtenberg

marie lichtenberg, former editor-in-chief of elle magazine and designer has launched her own jewelry line.

the jewelry line is inspired by 18th century victorian jewels, as well as lichtenberg’s martinican origin.  taking inspiration from the “slave” necklaces of martinique, which were passed down from generation to generation as a talisman.  lichtenberg’s jewelry is entirely produced in india, which serves as a significant symbolic role in her jewelry.  red and yellow silk cords from an indian temple in jaipur are comprised together with a 9 carat gold chiseled locket made in a unique workshop with hand-hewn gems. 

the idea of transmission has an important place among marie lichtenberg’s creations, she does not want to create a trend but rather jewels that last

north america: shawna strachan

paris: raffaella re