for over 20 years, one of us with the heart of an entrepreneur and the other with the eye of a stylist, we have been truly passionate about our work in fashion. while in paris, we notably opened our stores and created our own brand amongst other projects. a couple of years ago, feeling ready for a new personal and professional adventure, the two of us (well, three with our son!) set sail for l.a., drawn to the southern california lifestyle and opportunities it had to offer. we had a vision and desire to create an l.a. based brand with a dash of parisian flair.

having left our native and adoptive countries- france and italy- for this exciting city and with a strong concept in mind, we were thrilled to begin. our talented friend elise, whom we met years ago in france, was now living in l.a. as a successful stylist and interior decorator. it felt like a very natural evolution of our story to bring elise into the Overlover family, finally working together for the first time. we understood how complimentary we could be as a trio, uniting our individual talent, taste, and sensibilities. our conception of Overlover was to highlight the french “casual chic” with a focus on the jumpsuit for multiple reasons.

besides its functionality, convenience, and immediate statement, it embodies a once masculine, worker’s outfit having become a gender neutral item; flattering to all sizes and ages, meant to simplify one’s life, all the while being effortlessly stylish. to this, we chose to add a few easy-to-wear staples in line with the spirit of the brand in order to perfectly accent any wardrobe. we wanted to bring you a perfect blend of paris and l.a. and we are extremely proud of the result! and, of course, because we truly wanted Overlover to be a local brand, all of our pieces are made right here in l.a


babi and vinci + elise

east coast: marissa goldfarb marissa@findingsinc.com

west coast: stacie fox stacie@findingsinc.com

paris: raffaella re raffaella@findingsinc.com