[soo-per who m-uhn] woman of extraordinary or superhuman powers

SPRWMN is contemporary fashion for women on the move.

in an effortless fusion of form and function, ambre dahan has created a luxuriously sensual athletic take on wardrobe staples.

inspiration first came when the los angeles-based designer discovered exquisite cotton-lined stretch leather in her native france.

prompted by her own and her friends’ busy lives at work and at home, ambre has designed easy-to-wear, versatile pieces that work as well with jeans and sneakers as they do with evening wear. “i love the combination of a casual la look with something more chic,” she says.

whether it be high-waisted leggings, a bodysuit or skirt, these are clothes which are made to fit like a second skin on every type of body.

response to the collection’s launch in 2016 was immediate and the luxurious yet affordable collection is already available at a number of high fashion stores including elyse walker in los angeles, montaigne market in paris, and browns in london.

for ambre, there could only be one name for her playfully chic collection: “i fell in love with SPRWMN as it perfectly captured the juggling we all do as working women and mothers. this is my effortlessly chic uniform for that busy life.”

east coast: jamie rubin jamie@findingsinc.com

west coast: heather slade heather@findingsinc.com